It’s that time of year when the weather and water starts getting warmer and everyone is itching to get outside!

Many of you will even spend times along the Rappahannock or on the Rappahannock in the coming months, so it’s important to remember a few key river safety guidelines.

Check the Water Levels! 

Be safe on the river! Our colored gauge shows current river conditions in Fredericksburg. Remember, when the river is in the green, you’re good to go. Whenever the river rises above 3.5 feet it is not safe for recreational use.

You can also check our River Cam at our site along the Rappahannock to see if the water is high enough for a float. 

A great way to check for current conditions and forecast is to visit the National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.

This site allows you to see how high the river is now and how high it might be this weekend (when you are planning your trip.

Wear A Personal Flotation Device (aka Life Jacket)

Wearing a personal flotation device while you are in the water significantly decreases your risk for drowning. We know some of you think you are an Olympic style swimmer who can best any current, but we caution you not to take the chance. While the Rappahannock River looks relatively peaceful, it has dangerous undercurrents and rapids.

We strongly recommend ALL individuals who put even their baby toe in the water to wear a personal floatation device. 

Leave No Trace

This is easy! Only take memories home from the river and leave only footprints. By leaving no trace we are respecting the Rappahannock and keeping it clean and healthy for generations to come. Please dispose of your litter at home or in public trash/recycle bins. 

Be Kind

The river is a great place to gather and recreate. Families and friends gather all year long to enjoy the wonderful benefits the Rappahannock shares. Please remember to be kind to all who use the river. A River Friend is a friend to All! 

Be Safe on the River this year!

Check Out Respect the Rapp for more River Safety Tips.

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