Put Stock in the River: Donate Appreciated Securities

Stocks that have appreciated for more than a year are one of the more popular assets used for charitable giving because of the mutual benefits provided to the charitable organization and the donor. Donate a stock to optimize your support for the river!

How YOU Can Benefit

By donating appreciated stock you can avoid capital gains tax, receive credit and an immediate income tax reduction,
and maximize your donation.

How It Works

You can make a gift of appreciated securities—publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares—to FOR while avoiding capital gains tax and maximizing your donation. It’s a simple and efficient way to give!

  1. Complete THIS ONLINE FORM or email [email protected] to let us know the stock is coming. We need this information to credit you properly and issue the receipt you will need for tax purposes.
  2. Contact your broker to initiate the stock transfer. Please make sure your broker adds your full name on the transfer. 
  3. FOR sells the securities and uses the proceeds to fund vital river education, restoration and advocacy projects!

Use the following data to transfer the stock to our account at Fidelity: 

Account Name: Friends of the Rappahannock, Inc.
Account Number: Z49158925
DTC Participation: 0226

Fidelity Investments
Attention: TOA
PO Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0036

Have any questions about stock gifts? Please reach out to our Development Coordinator Lis Heras at [email protected] or call (540)373-3448 ext 152

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