FOR education programs empower all age groups to create river stewards who will care for the Rappahannock for generations.


At the River’s Edge Outdoor Environmental Education Program (ATRE) provides students with interactive, outdoor science and history education opportunities


Kids on the Rappahannock Summer Day Camp is a summer day camp that fuses environmental education and river recreation.



Teach others how to improve our watershed’s health.


Winter is Coming! How Animals Prepare

As we begin to bring out jackets, gloves, and fuzzy hats to prepare for winter, our local animals and insects are also preparing for winter in their own way. Our FOR educators got together and thought of four critters they thought do the best getting prepared for...

National Funder Creates Environmental Education Opportunities in Local Schools

We are excited to announce the recent annual award of $140,082 in grant funds over a three year grant period from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). This continues part of NOAA’s and our mission to expand environmental literacy through the...

Time for a Field Trip!

Summer is coming to a close which means it’s time to head back to the classroom!  Back to School also means back to Friends of the Rappahannock and our awesome education programs for local students.  We are excited to welcome schools back to our property for all of...

Providing environmental education while supporting teachers and families

In 2020, FOR adjusted our approach to environmental education to support teachers and families. Normally, classrooms of students visit us for field trips at our 17-acre nature preserve for a wide range science and environmental lessons. We also visit classrooms to...

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