Earth Day. The welcome peak of the spring season.

The dogwoods are blooming everywhere I look. Trees’ immature leaves and buds are gaining that shade of green that is only rivalled by the daffodils and tulips that line every street. Ducklings and goslings peck their way out to experience this grand new world where the shad run not knowing the osprey and eagles are laying in wait. The Earth is full of these tiny, precious and predictable moments.

This year, many of our staff and regular volunteers have asked.. “What if I don’t celebrate Earth Day?” I live it every day.” This is a valid question. What do you tell those who spend every day attempting to restore and protect our planet from detriment? Our staff spends countless hours planting trees, restoring oyster reefs, advocating for clean water and environmental education. They spend countless more hours partnering with local communities, individuals, businesses and organizations to propagate our mission for a healthier watershed. They give up weekends and holidays to do outreach so that others might catch their contagious enthusiasm for the work they do and choose to make a difference.

That’s when it hit me. It is even MORE essential for them to participate in Earth Day.

When I told them that, they looked at me like I was off my rocker. But I’m dead serious. The individuals who spend their weekdays, weekends, and holidays planting trees, advocating for clean water, teaching our next generation, and taking 10 minutes to clean up the litter in a busy parking lot; these are the people who inspire others to participate in Earth Day. That one conversation or moment out of the entire year our staff spends working for our earth can be the deciding factor for someone else to get involved, make a difference and change the world.

One Moment. One Conversation. One Choice. That’s all it takes.

For our staff, Earth Day shouldn’t just be a holiday that is used to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. It should be just another day protecting and preserving the Earth. Another day where they have the opportunity to have that one moment or conversation that begs the question…


Are you down to Earth?


Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day Events

Join our staff and others for some Earth Day events this weekend!

DuCard Vineyards Sipping for Saplings

April 1 – 30

DuCard Vineyards Eco-Fair

April 23 – 24

Fredericksburg Tree Giveaway

April 23rd (11 AM – 4PM)



April 23rd (11 AM – 11PM)


Old Mill Park Earth Day Festival

April 23rd (11 AM – 4 PM)

Warrenton Litter Clean-Up

April 23rd (2 – 4 PM)

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