Birders needed for OspreyWatch

The OspreyWatch program is another easy way to become a citizen scientist. Find a nest to monitor, register at, and record your observations one to four times a month. You can even join the FOR observing group, which currently has 14 members monitoring 13 nests. Spring is the best time to join, because ospreys nest and breed from February to May. Eggs take about 35 days to hatch and in a short eight weeks the newborns are off flying around.

Will your lawn help FOR Save the Crabs?

Each spring, rain washes excess fertilizer off lawns and into our streams and rivers. Once in our waterways, fertilizers designed to make our lawns green fuel the growth of algae, too much algae. When that algae decomposes, it sucks oxygen out of the water creating dead zones, which threaten the lives of underwater plants and animals. Tragically, the Rappahannock River is greatly impacted by dead zones.

Wild & Scenic Film Fest

For the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Friends of the Rappahannock partners with the South Yuba River Conservation League (SYRCL pronounced ‘circle’) to how a film festival to raise awareness about environmental challenges, activism to protect our natural resources and wild places, adventures and help us see how our local issues and resources fit into a bigger regional, national, and global environment. Friends of the Rappahannock is one of many partners with SYRCL that brings a new collection of films to more than 39,000 people annually.