Proposed Presidential Budget Cuts Harm Local Communities

The FY 2018 budget proposed by the Trump administration is threatening to completely cut $73 million from the EPA budget which will severly hinder the ability of states, localities, farmers, waterman, and other concerned parties to participate in the Chesapeake Bay Cleanup effort.  While this is an incrediblely diheartening prospect, there are a myriad of other proposed budget cuts which will really hurt our local rural communities in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula as well as communities across the Commonwealth.

“Can I eat the fish I catch in the Rappahannock River?”

The catch-and-release concept has long been used by fisherman to promote conservation, but a lot of anglers still enjoy an occasional fish fry to cele-brate their catch at the end of the day. From the Blue Ridge to the Chesa-peake Bay, the Rappahannock River is full of tasty bass, sunfish, catfish, and many saltwater species, like striped bass and croaker.