October 24, 2020

Be a Riverfest Sponsor!

Riverfest sponsors experience our signature crab feast and are recognized for their community support. It is a great opportunity to celebrate with your colleagues and make a difference for the river.

Our party packs will have everything you need to host your own great party – steamed crabs, shrimp boil, crab knockers, paper and more! Enjoy a feast with your family, friends and colleagues while supporting the river. We’ll have live entertainment you can stream and an online auction to bid on your favorite items.

As a sponsor, you will receive public recognition for your support through a variety of platforms. Your party pack will be available for an afternoon pick-up in 3 locations: Culpeper, Fredericksburg or Tappahannock. 

Contact Carleigh Starkston for more information on sponsoring Riverfest: [email protected] 540-212-9761

Riverfest Sponsor Chart

Riverfest Packs

Sponsor Party Packs will include:

  • 7 steamed crabs/person
  • Shrimp boil 1 quart/person (includes seasoned shrimp, potatoes, and corn)
  • Crab knockers (one for every 2 people)
  • Paper towels
  • Butcher paper

Add-On Options include:

  • Bottle of Vinegar (free)
  • Old Bay seasoning (free)
  • Bottles of wine provided by Rappahannock Cellars
    • White Wine: Stainless Steel Chardonnay – bright, crisp, fruit forward and a perfect accompaniment to crab
    • Red Wine: “Eighteen” a primary blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. “Eighteen” is medium bodied wine makers blend from the 2018 vintage
  • Riverfest t-shirts (light gray)
  • Stainless steel FOR wine tumblers

Our sponsor party-packs are customizable! If you want to order a pack and split it between different individuals for pick-up we can help make that happen.