Challenges facing the Rappahannock gave it a C rating in our 2018 River Report Card.

We’re raising that grade.

Be inspired by some of our favorite stories across the watershed.

By the Numbers in 2018

19 school districts engaged in FOR’s environmental education programs

243 teachers participated in environmental professional development

8,180 trees planted in riparian buffers by 442 volunteers

13,179 students prepared to become the next generation of river stewards

11,590 lbs of trash removed from the river by 466 volunteers

Fones Cliffs: A treasure worth fighting for

A journey of set-backs, ending 2018 with promise In a region like the Northern Neck, characterized by marshes, beaches, and gentle pine flats, the towering Fones Cliffs might as well be Mount Everest. The high ground overlooking the Rappahannock River here in Richmond...

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Students connect with their own river community

Almost four years ago to the day, Lowery and I sat down with Dr. Thomas Taylor, then Superintendent of Middlesex County Public Schools. We had one goal - to pitch a MWEE (Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience) program and include Middlesex County in a large...

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Volunteers pave the way for FOR success

More than 4,000 hours of watershed service performed in 2018 It would be hard to overstate the impact volunteers have on Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR). A staff of just over a dozen individuals can only accomplish so much, no matter how dedicated they...

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Growing Trees and Family Traditions in Madison County

When Paul Goodall walks his farm, he has a lot to remember. As he crosses the hilly pastures, Paul remembers to check his water troughs for overflow, inspect his cattle fence, and monitor the growth of a stand of newly planted trees. On a 600 acre farm, something...

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Oyster Restoration VIP River Experience

“If you look closely across the bow you can see we are about to be surrounded by them” said Captain Moncure as he guided the River Steward boat across an oyster reef in Carter’s Creek. My friends and I had signed up to spend a day with Friends of the Rappahannock...

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