Each spring, rain washes excess fertilizer off lawns and into our streams and rivers. Once in our waterways, fertilizers designed to make our lawns green fuel the growth of algae, too much algae. When that algae decomposes, it sucks oxygen out of the water creating dead zones, which threaten the lives of underwater plants and animals. Tragically, the Rappahannock River is greatly impacted by dead zones.
The good news is that not fertilizing in the spring makes a big difference, no matter where you live. To learn more about your yard’s fertilizing needs, work with your local Virginia Cooperative Extension Agent to test your soil and conduct the best practices. The message is simple, but it has a big impact. Friends of the Rappahannock and Stafford County are issuing a request to you, businesses and homeowners, to pledge at www.riverfriends.org/savethecrabs to skip the fertilizer this spring.
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