FOR provides education programs to students in Stafford County alongside a wonderful partner, Stafford Junction. This local nonprofit provides programs in Stafford County that “focus on education, nutrition, and healthy living.” Stafford Junction offers after-school programs in five elementary schools and one middle school. They provide summer
programming and help with preschool programs. Additionally, they offer life skills workshops for parents that teach
parenting skills, nutrition values, and job skills.

FOR works with Stafford Junction to offer a variety of river recreation and education programs to their youth. For over four years, these programs have included the Wildlife Festival, summer camps, river safety, snorkeling, and more.

During this time I have had the pleasure of working with one of Stafford Junction’s Program Assistants, Greg Minor. A native to the Fredericksburg region, Greg returned from his education and military experience and offered his services and skills to Stafford Junction. Greg has developed such a bond with the students that they are willing to try new things, such as swimming in the river or snorkeling. Many of these students have never even touched the water in the river, but because they trust Mr. Minor, they participate in these new experiences.

Behind the scenes, Greg provides support to make sure the kids don’t miss out on opportunities. He works directly with the families to get the necessary paperwork filled out and to make sure the kids have what they need for each program. Greg often goes door-to-door gathering the students in the Stafford Junction van to bring them to FOR.

Greg Minor’s service to the Stafford community is remarkable! His dedication to getting the kids outdoors, providing new experiences, and educating the next generation about the river is commendable. FOR is very fortunate to have Stafford Junction as a partner in getting more children outside thanks to the Duff McDuff, Jr. Green Fund of The
Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region.

Stafford Junction sets a remarkable standard with their staff and available programs. They are currently recruiting
volunteers to work with their after-school programs that provide homework help to students. Contact Samira Lahud Rosensteel at to find out more!

By Daria Christian, FOR Assistant Director

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