Virginia’s No Child Left Inside Coalition (VNCLI) is a collaborative effort comprised of education, conservation, business, health care, and sporting organizations who believe rich outdoor learning opportunities tied to classroom instruction are important for preparing students for the 21st century workforce.

The VNCLI Coalition is working to combine the experience of environmental literacy advocates from around the state and take advantage of the positive atmosphere surrounding experiential learning, with the incorporation of an environmental literacy goal in the latest Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement (2014) and the introduction of Conservation Challenges in Executive Order #42 by Gov. Terry McAuliffe (2015).

Environmental literacy allows students to develop the skills they need to address the world’s increasingly complex environmentally-based challenges they will face as citizens, parents, voters, and leaders. Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility, and now is the time to ensure that our students achieve the environmental literacy necessary to keep Virginia a naturally rich place to live and work.
For more information, or if you know an organization that would like to join the cause (no money required!), visit our website at
By Elysa Mills, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

FOR gets Help in Promoting Environmental Literacy

Environmental literacy has always been the overarching goal of FOR’s education programs. The more people understand about our watershed and local ecosystem, the more they will be willing to take action to protect it! The Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund of the Community Foundation also believes in connecting people to their local environment to promote stewardship. That is why they are supporting FOR’s collaborative project with Fredericksburg’s Parks and Recreation, the Kids Learning in Parks project. This project serves students in Planning District 16 and includes summer programs, after school programs and school field trips.

By Daria Christian, FOR Assistant Director and Education Director

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