Overhead view of the Riverfest tents in our new location -Photo by Mats Jerndal, Oddbox Photography


Each year our volunteer committee plans a great Riverfest event. We wait with great anticipation for the Riverfest week, to see the tents raised, to see our volunteer force assemble to help set up and for the big day to arrive and 1200 guest to arrive for a good party for a great cause!
This year was no exception but it was exceptional in many ways. Committee volunteers changed with new faces taking on time honored roles to coordinate music and wrangle crabs, our location brought us back to our roots on the river’s edge near City Dock thanks to the McDaniel Family as our hosts, and for a while the weather was not our friend bringing hurricane rains and flooding.

-Photo by Michele Phillips

In the end, all was good. Actually better than good …it turned out to be a GREAT PARTY FOR A GREAT CAUSE.  What a beautiful fall night on the banks of the Rappahannock. We ate heavy crabs, hush puppies and Rappahannock catfish, and BBQ; listened to great music and visited with old and new friends. Attendance was great with more than 80% of our ticket holders attending in spite of the date change.

-Photo by Mats Jerndal, Oddbox Photography

At the end of the evening, I was filled with a sense of gratitude for all of the supporters of Friends of the Rappahannock and the river: our planning committee and its wonderful chair, Robin Huddle; our sponsors, and all of the attendees.
This event is the signature fundraiser for FOR. The money from ticket sales and sponsorships, raffles and auctions, and donations support the pillars of our programs throughout the year. FOR values this support throughout the year as we travel on the river and across the watershed educating our youth and our communities about being good stewards of our water resources, planting trees along the river’s edge and oysters in its waters, and speaking up for the protection of the river at community meetings, local and state staff and elected officials who work to protect our watershed.
To everyone who joined us for Riverfest 2018 in person, or in spirit, THANK YOU!
I hope you were able to take a moment to visit the river, listen to the night gather along its banks, watch the moonrise, and whisper a word of gratitude to the beautiful Rappahannock River for all it gave us that night and every other day of the year.

-Photo by Michele Philips

By Kathleen Harrigan, FOR Executive Director