Friends of the Rappahannock’s Student Stream Team program began in 2007 with a partnership between Stafford County Learn and Serve programs and our education department.  FOR has a long history of implementing successful education programs as well as restoration projects and this great program brings them together to maximize impacts and results.

We work with high school classes to teach students about watershed science, the Rappahannock River watershed, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, stressors to the environment, TMDL’s and a variety of practices and solutions that are used to protect and restore our natural resources.  

The Student Stream Team program includes two in class presentations by FOR educators and our partners at the Soil and Water Conservation districts that provide information to students and engage them in several activities derived from ProjectWET and other lessons.  In addition to visiting the students in their classroom, we invite students to our classroom.  Our classroom is a 12 acre nature preserve in perpetual conservation easement located right on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Here our education staff works with students outside on a variety of STEM based activities including sampling for benthic macroinvertebrates, plant identification, chemical water quality testing, and other measurements using probeware.

After students have completed all of there classroom based activities, FOR and our partners at the Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Virginia Department of Forestry, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, more work together to engage the students in an on the ground restoration project. These projects include riparian buffer planting, streambank stabilization, native plant gardens, living shorelines, oyster reef restoration, floating treatment wetlands, rain gardens, and more.  All projects are desgined to have a measureable impact on water quality and the health of the Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay.  

FOR is currently working with over 12 schools to install projects across the watershed.  

This program is available to all high schools that are located or serve students in the Rappahannock River watershed.  All projects occur in the Rappahannock River watershed.

For additional information about this program please contact FOR Programs Manager Bryan Hofmann at bryan.hofmann[at] 540-373-3448 x112


This program is made possible through funding provided by the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund and the sale of Chesapeake Bay license plates. 



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