What is Save the Crabs, Then Eat ‘Em? Why on earth are we talking about saving the crabs just to eat them? Well, take a moment, shut your eyes and think about your favorite memories with blue crabs…

For us at Friends of the Rappahannock, we immediately think about friends and family and of course our Annual Riverfest event with crab knockers beating on wooden tables. Fun times! Now, how can you help Save the Crabs? It is very simple. If you use fertilizer on your yard, did you know that scientifically speaking spring is the worst time to use fertilizer? Rather than plants utilizing the fertilizer to grow, spring rains wash fertilizer into our local waterways. This causes algae to grow in excessive levels. The algae blooms eventually die, sink to the bottom of the waterway and begin to decay pulling oxygen out of the water. The beloved blue crabs, as well as delicious oysters and fish, need that oxygen to survive. Unfortunately, this is a major problem in the Rappahannock River. The Rappahannock River has the largest dead zone of all the rivers in the state of Virginia.

So, to help the River and the blue crabs, PLEDGE TODAY to skip the fertilizer this spring and wait until the fall, if at all.

This year we hope to keep even more Nitrogen and Phosphorus out of the Rappahannock River and need your support! Pledges may be made at any time and you will receive a free bumper sticker and optional lawn sign. Be sure to check out the new t-shirts and the Dead Waters Documentary on YouTube produced by Alyson Pugh, Amanda Dix, and Martha Brickley!

Spread the word and remember, Save the Crabs, Then Eat ‘Em!


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