Volunteers with trash river clean ups

Our river needs your help to stay clean. Each year, volunteers help us pick up 16,000 pounds of trash.

For everyone’s safety, we hope you can go out with a small group of friends or family and conduct your own river clean up.

By removing trash you’re making a difference for our river.


Check out our currently scheduled cleanups on our Event Page HERE!! 


What do I need?

Family with trash bagsRecommended Equipment List:

  • Trash Bags or grocery bag
  • Gloves
  • Litter-Getters (optional)

Interested to lead a group cleanup? We can often provide litter grabbers, bags and gloves for your cleanup. If you’d like to borrow our equipment, please get in touch with us.

Email [email protected] for assistance with equipment and trash removal.

How to stay safe

Follow recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines which you can view here for the state of Virginia.

Prepare for the weather and the terrain = stay hydrated!

Do NOT pick up needles


Where to pick up trash

River clean up at England Run in Stafford County

ANYWHERE (and any time) is a good place to pick up litter!! Litter pick up is a great way to get outside, take a walk and make a difference. It doesn’t take much equipment, can be done anywhere and takes little time.

Any area that has frequent high-use is a good place to start. Such as your local downtown area, your neighborhood, a local park, trails, parking lots, boat launches and more.  

Why are urban areas important? Litter found in our streets goes directly into our storm drains when it rains. Then all the water and trash that flows through that drain goes directly into our water ways with no filtration. Check out a very short info video HERE about it.

See a spot with a lot of litter in the Rappahannock River watershed? Let us know!  Email [email protected]

Finished? Report your clean up and get a free sticker!

Help us keep track of all the good work being done for our river. We’ll send you one of our stickers and sign any volunteer hours (if needed) as a thank you!

Email us with the following info: 

  • How many bags of trash collected
  • Clean up site location
  • Date of clean up
  • Your mailing address and email address (so we can send you your sticker)


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