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To be the voice and active force for a healthy and scenic Rappahannock River.

Our Vision

A Rappahannock River… that is clean and safe for fish consumption and recreation from its Headwaters to its confluence with the Chesapeake.
A Rappahannock River… that supports a healthy and diverse aquatic ecosystem, with submerged grasses, oysters, crabs and other species returned to their historic levels and productivity.
A Rappahannock River Watershed… where land use and runoff is managed to protect and enhance our riparian habitats, downstream waters, scenic viewsheds and historical resources.
A Rappahannock River Community… where the citizens and local governments are educated about river stewardship, where they take a sense of personal stewardship over the river resource, and where they take action in their own backyards and communities to protect it.


General Assembly 2022

General Assembly 2022

Join us as a strong voice for the Rappahannock River at the state level. The 2021 General Assembly session starts January 13th. We are prioritizing these issues and will regularly update this page. We will include info on bill progress and how you can make a...

Make a Wetland in a Bottle

Make a Wetland in a Bottle

Wetlands are areas of land flooded by water at some point during the year, either permanently or seasonally. These ecosystems offer many benefits including pollution filtration, flood reduction and wildlife habitat creation. Create your own wetland in a bottle and...

Accessing a Whole New World: the Upper Rappahannock Water Trail

Accessing a Whole New World: the Upper Rappahannock Water Trail

It was a great year to be outside thanks to new public access resources on the Rappahannock River Water Trail! Over the past five years, Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) has been working alongside a group of partners to create new public river access sites along the...

Safety on the Rappahannock River

Safety on the Rappahannock River

It’s that time of year when the weather and water starts getting warmer and everyone is itching to get outside! Many of you will even spend times along the Rappahannock or on the Rappahannock in the coming months, so it's important to remember a few key river safety...

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Our Riverwatch map provides geographic data on the Rappahannock and helps you understand how FOR is helping keep our river healthy.

Impaired Rappahannock River Waterways

Learn more about how your local waterways are doing in pollutant reduction.

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