January 2015, Friends of the Rappahannock partnered with the City of Fredericksburg, River Rock Outfitters, and volunteers to clean up up a section of LaRoque Run near Fredericksburg, Virginia.  LaRoque Run is a small stream and tributary to the Rappahannock River.  The City of Fredericksburg riparian easement runs through this creek and there is a private boat launch just down stream as well.  Lee Sillitoe protects and protrols the Rappahanncock River riparian easement for the City of Fredericksburg as their watershed property steward.  He alerted FOR that four very large culverts had dislodged from several bridge crossing projects installed by the Virginia Department of Transportation earlier in the year.  After some deliberation, it was decided that it was up to a dedicated group of volunteers lead by FOR to remove the culverts and ensure they did not reach the Rappahannock River.

Our volunteer cleanup crew included local students from University of Mary Washington, a farmer, owner and staff from River Rock Outfitters, and several other members of FOR’s Rappahannock Restore Corps!  Our team was able to get several trucks and trailers down to the River, improve a trail to the creek, and safely remove the enormous culverts from the stream using levers, ropes, chains, come alongs, a winch, and a police ATV!  All together an amazing day and a testament to the dedication of our local community and volunteers.  For information about upcoming #RappRiverCleanup please check out our event page here

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