Friends of the Rappahannock has a fully updated profile on Plant’s Map, which serves to connect people with the plants on the property. Our profile, which can be accessed here, includes a database of over 20 different plants located on our nature preserve.

By clicking on the different plants in the database, an online profile will appear on each plant. The profiles include information on the plant names, growing details, as well as growing condition. Each plant profile includes pictures, a brief description of the plant and pinned location that shows exactly where the plant is located. Comment are enabled so users can interact with each other.

Plant’s Map is very interactive and user friendly. Anyone can walk the property and interact with the plants as they come across them. Each plant that has a profile in Plant’s Map is pinned to a certain location on the property. At these different locations, there are black signs, which include the plant name, botanical name and a scan code.

By using the free iPhone app,, users can scan the plant barcode which will then take them to the corresponding plant profile on the FOR Plant’s Map profile page.

FOR is working to expand the plant database on their profile by ordering more signs, which will help users connect and learn even more about the many plants on our preserve.

Katie Zalegowski

FOR Intern

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