Mind and Media, communication and media experts, is partnering with FOR as part of their StoryAid program. This program is Mind and Media’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, which offers $50,000 of strategic communication and media services to an environmental non-profit.

The application for this competition was unlike other grant applications in that they seemed to be really trying to get to the heart of our organization. One question asked about the culture of FOR. I could have written a novel about that! Here is an excerpt from my answer:

Our staff is dedicated and hard-working. We often joke, “It’s hard work to save the world!” We really put our hearts into our work because we love our river and we see it as work for the greater good. To that end, we are an open source organization, which means we freely share our work with others. We post presentations we made on our website for others to use, we send other groups publications we created, and we teach others how to do what we do. We just see it as capacity building because the more people there are spreading our message and doing what we do, the closer we get to fulfilling our mission.

Look for exciting updates as we work with this talented company over the next few months!

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