Friends of the Rappahannock teamed up with Chaplin Youth Center for an Alternate Spring Break program. This was a two-day event that exposed their students to other regions of the Rappahannock Watershed.

On Day 1, the students got to travel down to the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge near Warsaw, Virginia. Here we talked about the tidal region of the Rappahannock River, took a hike to see the tornado damages and kayaked a section on the river. While kayaking some of the students found a beaver that kept popping his head up along with a Bald Eagle that was roosting in a tree.

On Day 2, the students travelled up to Rappahannock County for a tree planting of 128 trees. The students learned how to properly plant trees and the importance of having trees grow along the headwater’s creeks. This day was filled with hard work, but also become some of the students’ favorite activity for the event.


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