Bats are crucial to the ecology around the Rappahannock River and beyond! Visit the Friends of the Rappahannock booth at Old Mill Park during Rock the River FXBG on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

We will reprise our Earth Day booth subject of bats. If you missed us at Earth Day or would like another chance to investigate facts about the world’s only true flying mammal, stop by. The bats near our stretch of the Rappahannock River help the environment by eating insects, both the ones that pester us and the ones that chomp on our crops. Our display is hands-on and enjoyable for children of all ages so please bring the kids. They can examine bat skeletons to discover that the wings are actually formed from modified hand bones. Children can use a small, yet accurate, spring scale to carefully weigh replicas of two bat species common to our area. They can even don a pair of bat wings and mask to visit our own little bat cave habitat.

If you are interested in attracting bats to your property or would like simple directions to build your own bat box, have your cell phone ready. To save trees, we assembled a small resource binder with plenty of batty information. Rather than providing handouts, we encourage everyone to take pictures of the information relevant to his or her interests. Visiting children can collect our FOR bat cards. By collecting cards at selected booths, children can earn prizes. Help us Rock the River!

Nancy Stalik
Environmental Educator

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