Progressive thinking paved the way to a serene Rappahannock

Progressive thinking paved the way to a serene Rappahannock

Many outdoor enthusiasts who float the Rappahannock River upstream of Fredericksburg are surprised by its solitude. You can travel for miles on this stretch and not see a building. How can a place be so close to the urban corridors of Route-3 and Route-17 and still...

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“Can I eat the fish I catch in the Rappahannock River?”

The catch-and-release concept has long been used by fisherman to promote conservation, but a lot of anglers still enjoy an occasional fish fry to celebrate their catch at the end of the day. From the Blue Ridge to the Chesapeake Bay, the Rappahannock River is full of...

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How do I check water levels?

FOR uses the USGS Water Data site for real-time information on water levels on the Rappahannock and Rapidan Rivers. Go here to see the latest data on water levels. The recommended level for safe recreational use is below 3.5 ft at the Rappahannock River gauge near Fredericksburg.

Is the fish safe to eat?

Yes, for the most part. There are certain recommendations. More detail here.

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