About the river

Rappahannock water trail will quench any thirst for a river adventure

Written by: Sally Mills, Bay Journal June 1, 2007

Downstream from an inconspicuous slide put-in at Kelly’s Ford, roughly 30 miles upstream of Fredericksburg, the Rappahannock River gently meanders through 17 miles of fertile cropland, forest and wildlife management area before joining the Rapidan at the Confluence, a popular recreational hangout.

Rappahannock River Valley

Written by: Leslie Middleton Bay Journal Staff Writer July 12, 2014

Visitors to the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge may experience this linear refuge in any number of ways, depending upon who — or what — they are.

For some, the refuge represents outdoors recreation opportunities for all ages and all abilities provided by the access to water and wildlife — a respite from our on-demand digital age.