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Something Fishy in 2016?

If you’ve ever joined me on the River Steward skiff, you know I like fishing stories. As a boy growing up through the striped bass moratorium, good fishing tales filled a void left by the closed fishery. 2015 has provided us with stories of hope on the Rappahannock River, and I’ll do my best to offer some scientific or photographic evidence of these tales!
Earlier this year, Virginia announced that oyster harvests topped 500,000 bushels in 2014! And this fall, Gov. Terry McCauliffe opened Virginia’s


Friends of the Rappahannock recently received $2,000 from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative's Operation Round Up program for river cleanups, fly fishing education, and our student stream team (SST).  Operation Round Up receives its funding from REC members who volunteer to have their electric bill "rounded up" to the next highest whole dollar.  If REC provides your power, we would ask that you consider joining the ORU program to help others in need. One enrolled, the extra charge from your electric bill will be dedicated to charitable causes.