River News

Oysters: hope on the half-shell for a restored fishery

So, what does it take to grow an oyster that restores a river, revitalizes an economy and reinvents a culture? Simply put, it takes a healthy watershed. Like grapes, oysters are known to take on the
flavor of the regions they are produced in, with each region offering its own unique taste. The
Rappahannock River oyster today is gaining national attention for its flavor, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Birds of the buffer: mapping their migration

Dr. Andrew Dolby, the Chair of University of Mary
Washington’s (UMW) Department of Biological Sciences, can unscramble the coded noise of the forest into the distinct songs of birds. With the help of his research assistant, Maggie Magliato, a double-major in biology and environmental
science at UMW, Dr. Dolby has begun compiling these sounds to detect changes in the bird community along the
Rappahannock River and to provide bird diversity data for Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR).